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Welcome and Intro

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The "Help Me Make My Film" is a program designed to help connect entertainment industry professionals with top professions along with other filmmakers to help create the most amazing content that you can. From quick exchanges to facilitating further in-depth conversations, HMMMY is a growing community to connect and engage.

HMMMY was started because, as filmmakers, we would always reach out to a network of friends with a ton of random questions. This industry is adventurous and very fluid, you never know what kind of problem you will have to solve. Can I rent a giraffe this weekend on short notice? What are child labor laws and do I need a studio teacher for this job? How tall can a display structure be downtown? Should I use Avid Media Composer or Premiere or Final Cut? Mac or Windows? What is all the set lingo again?

We become better fillmmakers through experience, and we gain experience alongside others in the same boat. This forum will broaden the possibilities and hopefully get you more answers and opinions.

For now, the only rules are to be kind to one another and to remember, please, that this is a public forum that anyone can read. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, you can message me or post <here>.